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The waiting finally has finished, the Book Finally will hit in the following days the book stores and also will be sold in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, INgars Spark amont other major outlets

Jose Pereira today is one of the most vocal voices in the US raising awarness to stop the Hostage Diplomacy working with Foundations that support all the Hostage Community and has become a Leadership and Resilience Coach and a Motivational Speaker and now an author

Jose Pereira reveals his harrowing journey of been part of six american oil and gas executives plunged from heroism into the shadows of international intrigue amidst Venezuelan tumultuous political climate

This gripping tale exposes the harsh realities of Hostage Diplomacy as Pereira once esteemed now captive shares his story with raw honesty

Through clandestine letters to his wife he smuggles during 3 yearslong isolation Pereira unveils the manipulation and the despair of captivity yet finds resilience within, in a narrative with a reminesence on "Anne Frank Diary" Style

From Hero to  villain is not just a saga -its a testament to human strenght with Pereira emergin as a global advocate for Hostages

This stirring memoir challenges readers to confront power dynamics and moral ambiguity highlighting the enduring power of faith, love and hope amidst darkness







Jose Pereira is a Brilliant Leader with incredible insights not only of the Corporate World , but life inn general

Jose is a true testimony of the Strenght of the Human Nature Resilience


I'm excited to announce that my book is 100% edited  and ready to go out in the next weeks and here is the cover of my book

Preorder it now to be the firsrt to be part of the story and make the book a best seller, and you will recieve as a FREE gift the masterclasss "HOW TO BECOME A GREAT LEADER "

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"The story of the CITGO 6 is one of resilience and spiritual growth in the face of unimaginable adversity. These six men showed incredible strength and courage during their five years of imprisonment, and their experience is a powerful symbol of the human spirit's ability to endure and overcome. We can all learn from their example, finding hope and inspiration in the darkest of times."

- Houston Chronicle

My True Story of the CITGO 6

My story of the CITGO 6 is one of tragedy, injustice, and perseverance. In November 2017, six American oil executives were arrested by the Venezuelan tyranny and accused of esspionage, treason, corruption, and embezzlement. Despite their innocence, these men were imprisoned for five years without a fair trial.


Despite the harsh conditions they faced, the CITGO 6 never lost hope. They used their time in prison to strengthen their spiritual lives, finding comfort in prayer and meditation. They formed a strong bond with one another, supporting each other through the toughest of times. Even when they were subjected to solitary confinement and other forms of torture, they refused to give up.


Finally, in October 2022, after intense negotiations, a Prisoner Swap with two famous Narco Nephews of the Venezuelan President and the CITGO 6 were released from prison and allowed to return to the United States.

Book Summary

'From Hero to Villain: My True Story of the CITGO 6' takes you along the journey of six heroic men, the so-called CITGO 6, and the tragic and bizarre twist of their story. This book provides an in-depth look at the various factors that led to the downfall of these six brave men and how these events can serve as an example of resilience and transcendence. A unique and powerful narrative, From Hero to Villain provides a powerful example of the power of strong family ties and surviving searching for meaning. The incredible story of the CITGO 6 is one of resilience and spiritual growth in the face of unimaginable adversity. We can all learn from their example and find hope and inspiration in the darkest of times.

The Book

The Journey

The Journey

When everything happened, psychologists have managed to frame the stages of a crisis in 4 stages:

a. Paralysis

b. Uncertainty in those first moments

c. Intrusion, anxiety, and anguish

d. Elaboration and resolution

The Geopolitical Complot

The Geopolitical Complot

It was in this last stage that we understood the magnitude of the case and how it escalated until it became a geopolitical confrontation between the US and Venezuela, it was we internalized the seriousness of the issue, and the 6 of us decided to overcome ourselves emotionally and made a firm oath to focus on the mind, body, and spirit to survive the Dungeons in Venezuela, similar to be in a Nazi concentration camp. This book is a healing instrument and, at the same time, a legacy for all those who suffer a tragedy.

How It Ended

How It Ended

This ended up in a nightmare in an absurd incarceration accused of espionage, treason to the country, and corruption that lasted five long years until the Biden Administration made a swap for us with 2 Kingpin drug lords, cousins of the Venezuelan dictator.

This is the journey of CITGO 6.

This is my story.

About Me

I have been seen in PDVSA as a hero, and in a snap, the Venezuelan Tyranny cataloged me as the vilest of villains,  We were subjected to terrible physical and psychological torture worthy of Nazi concentration camps, and here we are alive, more vital than ever. It is an example of resilience, improvement, personal growth, and the emergence of a new spiritual awareness and connection with God. In the worst conditions, I rediscovered God, Christ, who conveys messages of hope, humility, redemption, mercy, wisdom, and inner peace. I hope you have enjoyed yourself after this carousel of emotions and come to the same conclusion. If I managed to convey my message to you, if I managed to open your minds and souls, if after reading this, you see that your sufferings can be overcome and that nothing is impossible with FAITH in God, if I achieve that, then I have achieved the legacy of my life. I want you to receive my message of redemption and hope that there is no event, no matter how catastrophic it may be, it does not matter which one or why it happened, or when; the important thing is to discover what lesson God is putting in our path, and if we find it out, we will see the divine signs, we found our legacy. We will have managed to transcend, and that is the great discovery of life, our mission. important thing is to discover what lesson God is putting in our path and if we discover it, we will see the divine signs, we discovered our legacy and we will have managed to transcend and that is the great discovery of life, our mission.


Life Pills for a Survival Guide "LPSG": Tips to survive adversity and come out stronger


I am a former Hostage during 5 Years and was a CEO with 35 years in Oil & Gas Multinationals that decided to convert my ordeal to build resilience & help CEOs, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs , also do MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING 

The LPSG Coaching Program, meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of CEOs and Business Owners, is proudly introduced here. This esteemed program draws upon our vast wealth of management expertise and endurance to assist CEOs in refining their management competencies, overcoming challenges, and strengthening their tenacity. Our program distinguishes itself by primarily focusing on empowering CEOs' leadership capabilities, promoting growth in management performance, addressing intercommunication obstacles, enhancing employee engagement, resolving teamwork issues, orchestrating team-building experiences, and facilitating tailored one-on-one or group coaching sessions.

Facilitate also CEOs and businesses in assessing the risks involved in overseas business travel and the relocation of staff as expatriates for international operations. Our specialized training programs are meticulously designed to prepare individuals and teams, leveraging our extensive experience in handling expatriates. We focus on enhancing situational awareness, refining crisis management capabilities, and fostering cultural sensitivity during international assignments. In case of an unfortunate hostage situation, our coaching services are ready to provide guidance in making informed decisions, while our established network with government agencies, non-government organizations, media outlets, and journalists enables us to offer support to the victims and their families.

I come with a wealth 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, where I held executive positions such as CFO and CEO of Citgo Petroleum leading strategic planning, financial management, and joint ventures in multicultural environments. 

My mission is to help the CEOs, & Business Owners to improve there performance, to improve their leadership,to enhance their communication skills, improve there mindset & make there companies be successful

As a former Hostage I advocate too for the Hostages Community and I am one of the most vocal voices in the US talking in all the audiences ( Public and Private) to raise awareness and stop the so called “Hostage Diplomacy” and help closely the Foundations that work to help the Hostage Community 

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